Used Car Purchasing Guide for the Best Driving Experience
Used Car Purchasing Guide for the Best Driving Experience

Used Car Purchasing Guide for the Best Driving Experience

December 1, 2023
A Spotlight on Used Car Purchasing Guide: Glance to Know the Best Tips for Pre-Loved Cars

Is buying a car on the cards? Does your budget restrict you from driving your favourite vehicle? Worry not and wait no further. Go for good-quality pre-loved cars and experience ultimate driving pleasure. But buying an used car is not always an easy task. You need to know a few nitty gritties, and a used car purchasing guide definitely helps.

There are quite a few renowned auto dealerships, that specialise in used cars and guide you through the used car buying tips and tricks for the best deal. If you are looking for a pre-owned car as your next purchase, glance at the used car buying guide and enjoy the experience.

The Most Crucial Pointer of Used Car Purchasing Guide

Planning and deciding a budget is the primary condition among all the used car buying tips. It is always a good choice to have a pre-decided budget in mind and a room for stretching the same. Most of the reliable used car buying guide manuals suggest, it should be 40%-50% of your annual income with around 5%-10% stretchable area.

Used Car Purchasing Guide in Choosing the Right Vehicle and Model

Used Car Purchasing Guide

When talking about used car buying tips, the first and foremost thing is the choice of the car and its variant. You need to do a due diligence to shortlist the automobile brand and which variant of car you wish to buy. An intelligent and intensive research work is the key. Decide your preferences in terms of segment, features and price ( budget) and shortlist accordingly. If you have a limited budget, used car buying guide enables the buyer to research about the prices of various cars in the market, read reviews and get an idea of monthly cost after purchase, before taking the final decision.

It is always advisable to try new models for a better and reliable after-sales service in the future. A car which is 2 years old or less and has run less than 20,000 km is a good bet. Idea of buying a discontinued model or a model that is at the verge of discontinuation is not recommended as there can be issues of finding the spare parts.

Certified Vs Non-Certified Cars:

Used cars can be sold by anyone. You can find pre-owned cars sold by local people, local dealers or middleman at dirt cheap rates. These cars are not certified by any authorised dealership, not evaluated and might not have all vehicle documents. These cars are called non-certified vehicles.

On the other hand, as the name suggests, certified cars are the ones evaluated by registered dealerships following 100 plus checklists. They are in good conditions and have proper insurance coverage and documents.

According to most of the used car buying tips and tricks, it is advised to go for certified cars for better buying and driving experience.

Self-Testing the Car: Used Car Buying Tips

All the manuals suggesting used car buying tips and tricks depict the steps of self-testing the vehicle, before buying it. Once, you have finalised a car or shortlisted a couple of them, evaluate the car from all aspects. The buyer is the best judge and testing the car by driving it is mandatory.

Take a test drive, to understand how the functions and features work, before you go for this vehicle. Here are some finer points shared in all used car purchasing guide for a better understanding of the vehicle.

  • Take a long test drive, say about 5 kms, so that you understand the working condition of the vehicle properly. It is advisable to take the drive through various road conditions to see how the car is performing.
  • One of the most crucial thing to check is the starting of the car. According to used car buying tips, the vehicle should start immediately, with the start of the ignition. There should be no strange noise white starting the ignition.
  • Gear mobility should be smooth and release of clutch and brakes should be without a jerk.
  • According to many reliable, second hand car buying guide, it is essential to check the steering wheel function, during test drive. The steering should be smooth and should not vibrate while moving.
  • It is also recommended to get the oil tank and gear box checked, ensuring there is no leakage.
  • Check the body of the vehicle in natural day light to inspect any dent, scratches or imperfections.
Document Check: An Important Used Car Purchasing Guide Tip

various documents you need to hold buying a used or second hand car

Checking car documents before making the payment is a non-negotiable choice. All the manuals depicting steps to buying a car, include this essentially. Though the requirements of documents vary a bit between different countries and states; here are some essential ones that are a must to evaluate before the purchase.

  • Registration Certificate
  • Insurance Document
  • Car Purchase Invoice
  • RTO Forms
  • No Objection Certificate or Clearance Certificate from the Previous Owner
  • Road Tax Document
  • If the car is bi-fuel, certification of bi-fuel kits is a must
  • Emission’s Certificate
  • Owner’s Manual

Double check all the original copies of these documents and be mindful during transfer of ownership. Go for a deal that ensures complete transfer of ownership process.

Show Up your Negotiation Skills


Once you are done with the market research about pre-owned cars and their prices, ask for a quote from the dealership. One of the most vital and interesting point of a used car purchasing guide is to negotiate hard with the dealer. Ask for the best deal, and try to bag some additional perks like free tyre change, free dry cleaning services, and oil change to make it the most alluring deal. Take quotes from a few dealerships and compare and negotiate the prices.

Choice of Dealership: Priority of Used Car Buying Guide

You can get pre-owned cars from quite a few sources. The most local and readily available is a local dealer, online classifieds, or online car dealers. They mostly deal with non-certified cars, and every used car buying guide suggests to go with registered OEM Brand Owned Used Car dealerships.

You can find quite a few registered and renowned dealers of pre-loved cars in your surrounding that deal with multi automobile brands. Run a quick survey and go for dealerships that have a rich and diversified inventory, offers fair and competitive prices and exciting easy financing facilities, and has a good customer centric approach. It is one the most vital used car buying tips and tricks, to go for authentic and popular dealerships rather than local dealers.

Why to Buy Pre-Loved Cars?

Now, when you know the essential and must follow used car purchasing guide pointers, let us know glance at the advantages of buying a pre-owned car?

If the question pops up in your mind and if there is still a dilemma; here’s a quick note.

  • Pre-owned cars are affordable. If you have a limited budget, particularly for those buying their first car, this is the best choice. Drive your preferred vehicle within your budget.
  • Pre-loved cars have less depreciation rate. Hence it is a value for money option.
  • Insurance premiums are low as compared to new cars.
  • Used cars sold by registered dealers are thoroughly evaluated and certified. Hence they are in good conditions, in terms of durability and mileage.

Every used car purchasing guide showcases important aspects to check and evaluate before making a purchase decision of a pre-owned car. You need to check the authenticity of the documents, reliability of the dealerships, and quality of the vehicle thoroughly. However, doing a market research, shortlisting the cars and its variants and fixing the budget are also crucial steps to buying a car, that must be considered. If you have a plan in the mind, glance at these aspects and make a choice right away for the ultimate purchase experience.

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